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Joanie Hanke Marketing is a leading provider of seasonal gifts, furnishings, gourmet and textile products for the home, garden and tabletop.

This site is for wholesale trade only – Joanie Hanke Marketing covers the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho exclusively.

To contact us:

 360 259 7707 cell

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Our Sales Team


Dori and Joanie
Dori and Joanie

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Rattan pendant lamps, one natural and one black
Tall glass pitcher
Colorful eye pillows
Galvanized 3 tier cart
Footed white serving dish
Rattan Pendant Lamps (1)
Bee Pitcher (1)
Eye Pillows
Galvanized 3-tier (1)
Planters KAREN resize
Mermaid MUG KAREN resized
Counter Culture resize
Kitchen Check Blue KAREN resize 2
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